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Zwilling J. A. Henckels - V-Edge Knife Sharpener

Zwilling J. A. Henckels - V-Edge Knife Sharpener

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Now it’s easy to achieve professional-style knife sharpening in the comfort of your kitchen. The innovative ZWILLING V-Edge sharpener is the leading edge in pull-through sharpeners. It features a patented sharpening mechanism that’s both incredibly simple and wholly effective.

With its V-shaped design, V-Edge evenly sharpens the entire length of your knife blade, guiding you through sharpening to maintain the exact angle across the cutting edge. V-edge includes long-lasting ceramic rods that offer fine to coarse honing and sharpening. The included angle adapters swap out so both Western and Japanese knives can be sharpened. Components store neatly in the sharpener base.

  • V-shape design evenly sharpens full length of blade – keeps exact angle across cutting edge
  • Modern design, easy to use
  • Ceramic rods with different grains allow for fine to coarse sharpening
  • All four sides of rods can be used for long-lasting performance
  • Angle adapter swaps out for German and Japanese blades styles
  • Suitable for fine and hollow edge knives
  • Compact storage of component parts in the sharpener base
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