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Teakhaus - Carving Board with Handgrips & Juice Canal

Teakhaus - Carving Board with Handgrips & Juice Canal

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Professionals know that if you want to make cooking easier, you need a better cutting board! This gorgeous board is spacious enough when trimming big roasts or slicing long bunches of leafy greens. It is heavy enough to provide stability when cutting, but still easy to pick up when cleaning is needed. The added hand grips will help you to easily move from kitchen to table. It is also reversible, so you will have two smooth surfaces to prep the whole recipe.

Made of teak, a tropical wood with a high oil content that acts as a water repellant, this board is durable, easy to maintain, and the medium hardness keeps your knives sharp. Teak will naturally darken to a rich golden hue over time.

  • 18" x 24" x 1.5" Thick
  • Due to wood's natural grains and colorations, each board will vary slightly

Teakhaus is passionately committed to the environment, all the teakwood they use comes from sustainable forests and their products hold the FSC® certification. 

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