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Pura Scents - Pura Device 4, Individual Device Box

Pura Scents - Pura Device 4, Individual Device Box

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The Pura 4™ smart fragrance diffuser uses innovative smart features paired with premium, clean scents to give you the most modern, customized, and high-end scenting experience possible. With this technology, your diffuser learns from your feedback to efficiently fill your space with your desired scent intensity for up to 120 hours per smart fragrance vial.

Puralast dynamically adjusts scent diffusion over time to maintain your desired intensity through the life of the fragrance, removing the need to adjust it manually. This gives you a better fragrance experience from start to finish, while also extending the life of each fragrance.

  • Pair with premium fragrances created with ingredients that are safe and clean
  • Puralast™ provides a long-lasting fragrance experience of up to 120 hours
  • Adjust fragrance intensity, set schedules and timers, and more in the Pura app
  • Get a consistent scent experience based on the temperature in your home

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