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OXO - Pop Four Piece Baking Set

OXO - Pop Four Piece Baking Set

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This brand-new line of POP Accessories are designed to help you make the most of POP Containers. This 4-piece baking set was created just for baking enthusiasts. Each BPA-free accessory attaches neatly to the underside of new POP Container lids to keep convenience close at hand.

The 1/2 cup/120 mL scoop is perfect for measuring or portioning dry ingredients like flour, sugar, oatmeal, and more. The leveler is a multipurpose must-have: use it to level dry ingredients for recipes, as a bench scraper for portioning dough, to quickly transfer ingredients into mixing bowls, or for quick cleanup. The brown sugar saver is a reusable terracotta disk that keeps brown sugar soft, fresh, and clump free. The dusting scoop helps you evenly flour work surfaces or decorate baked treats. 

Rinse to clean brown sugar saver. All other accessories are dishwasher safe.

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