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OXO - Good Grips Grilling Prep & Carry System

OXO - Good Grips Grilling Prep & Carry System

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Do you love to grill but hate going back and forth from the kitchen to your grill? With the multifunctional kit you can prep, marinate, transport, and serve with fewer trips to and from the grill!

The deep tray is great for seasoning, carrying, and serving your meats and vegetables. The large cutting board with non-slip accents is perfect for prepping or carving and the   juice grooves minimize the mess. Trays with lids are color-coded for marinating without risking cross-contamination, to help keep raw and cooked or differently-seasoned food separate. Raised bottoms on the trays help to marinate food evenly and keep cooked food above juices and grease.

Six-piece set includes Cutting Board, Deep Tray, two Trays with Lids. All-in-one set nests compactly for convenient storage. Dishwasher safe.

3" H x 11.9" W x 17.9" L

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