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NordicWare - Deluxe Bundt® Cake Keeper

NordicWare - Deluxe Bundt® Cake Keeper

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Have you ever baked a beautiful cake to take to a party or potluck, and momentarily panicked as you realized how difficult it would be to transport it without ruining the cake? Avid bakers find themselves in this predicament frequently, and can attest to the fact that having a safe transportation container is key!

The Bundt cake keeper is the perfect solution to this age-old problem. Place your freshly-baked Bundt cake inside, set the cover on top, and twist to lock the cake safely inside. You're now ready for transportation to and from a party. Best of all, the cake keeper will keep your cakes fresh and looks great sitting on your countertop.

Made of clear acrylic, this cake keeper is very durable and can be put through your dishwasher for simple cleanup.

6" H x 10.5" Diameter

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