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Mukikim - The Genius Square

Mukikim - The Genius Square

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Not just another shape-based logic puzzle; this one is an entirely different breed! There are no set challenges here. Each round begins with 7 single-tile "blockers placed randomly (per the roll of the dice) on the 6x6 gridded boards. Then it's a race to fill in the rest of the board with the 9 Tetris-like pieces. Every puzzle has a solution, and the ever-changing position of the blockers creates a unique board every time. The game comes with 2 gridded boards for head-to-head or solo play, but with more sets the game is easily enjoyed by larger groups.

The box includes: 2 Grids, 7 Dice, 2 Sets of 7 Blockers, 2 Sets of 9 Color Shapes

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