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Mrs. Anderson's Baking - Pie Bird Vent

Mrs. Anderson's Baking - Pie Bird Vent

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Mrs. Anderson's Pie Bird blends a centuries-old fairy tale rhyme with baking pies. This whimsical pie bird, also known as a pie vent, pie funnel, pie chimney, or pie whistle, allows steam to escape from the juices of meat and fruit pies while they bake to prevent the pie fillings from bubbling over and baking onto the racks or oven floor. Steam escapes through the bird's vented beak while the flat base adds stability during use. This hero of baking accessories works hard to keep delicious filling inside the crust where it belongs.

Made of lead and cadmium free porcelain, it is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup and heat safe to 600-degrees Fahrenheit.

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