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Janod - Sweet Cocoon Rainbow Turtle

Janod - Sweet Cocoon Rainbow Turtle

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This delightful turtle is a colorful, fun, and educational toy for your little one. The turtle is  made from beech and cherry wood with a delicate palette of muted hues and is a darling bit of nursery decor when it's not zipping along beside your kiddo!

The turtle's rainbow shell is made up of six different colored wooden arcs of a circle that nest together or stack to create original shapes and towers. With a springy neck and tail this little turtle is fun to rolled along with baby wherever they go.

  • Turtle: 4.5" H x 3" W x 7.6" Long
  • Made of Cherry and Beech wood
  • Scandinavian-inspired color palette
  • Ideal for ages 1and up
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