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Harold - Oval Roasting Rack

Harold - Oval Roasting Rack

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This roasting rack is an invaluable addition to cooking utensils and chef tools for cooking, baking, roasting, and broiling. It fits smaller baking pans and roasting pans perfectly.

Foods are elevated above fat drippings so heat circulates more evenly for faster cooking times, all-over browning with with less calories. It s perfect for roasting meats and veggies or dehydrating fruit for healthy snacks, beef jerky and homemade dog treats.

Made from heavyweight chrome wire, it s durable and oven safe to 500-degrees Fahrenheit. It won t scratch surfaces and resists rust. The footed base adds stability during the roasting process. Always use inside a roasting pan or on a cookie sheet or baking sheet. 

11.75" L x 8.5" W

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