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Galexie Glister - Midnight Kiss Cosmetic Glitter Gel

Galexie Glister - Midnight Kiss Cosmetic Glitter Gel

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Shine bright with this specialty star shaped cosmic glitter gel! The golden glitter and stars mixed with iridescent glitter will light up your style!

  • 15milileter jar of glitter gel for hair, face, and body
  • Safe for sensitive skin and all hair types
  • Easy to apply, stays in place, and washes away with soap and water
  • Simply brushes out of hair
  • Lightweight and never sticky
  • No fragrance or alcohol
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Made in the USA

How to Use:

  • Enhance your glow by applying to your face, smooth onto hair, and use all over as a shimmering body glitter
  • Twist lid open, dip a cosmetic brush or clean fingertip into jar, glide onto desired area, and shine all day/night
  • Allow to dry quickly by applying small amounts in thin layers
  • Remove from skin with soap and water using a cloth to wipe away and brush out of hair before shampooing
  • Use with caution around eye area
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