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Final Touch - Waiters Friend Corkscrew

Final Touch - Waiters Friend Corkscrew

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So simple and compact it's the perfect tool for uncorking bottles. A special coating on the worm allows this corkscrew to work with all types of corks including: natural, plastic, & synthetic corks, and the built-in ratchet lever makes it easy to remove corks in one simple pull.

With metal ratchet gears inside the lever this corkscrew is built to last. The ergonomically designed handle is soft to the touch and fits comfortably in your hand. This awesome corkscrew also includes built-in foil cutter on the lever.

  • 5" Long when folded closed
  • Ratchet lever action to easily remove corks
  • Foil cutter built-in
  • Metal lever gears for long-life
  • Special coating on worm, works on all types of corks
  • Soft touch handle designed to fit comfortably in your hand
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