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Escali - Gourmet Digital Thermometer

Escali - Gourmet Digital Thermometer

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Take the guesswork out of cooking by measuring internal temperatures of foods like meat or baked goods for better results and consistency. This thermometer is stylish and ergonomically designed. An extra-long probe for extended reach and a comfort grip handle ensure this premium thermometer is ready for prolonged use.

The manufacturing process of this product is regularly checked and certified by the National Sanitation Foundation and meets the highest standards for public health protection. The step-down probe is designed for quicker measurements and promotes moisture retention. The protective sheath features target cooking temperatures for poultry, beef, pork, lamb and veal. One L1154F battery Included.

Temperature range: -49° to 392° F / -45° to 200° C

Probe length: 4.75" Long

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