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Cole & Mason - Classic Salt & Pepper Mill Set

Cole & Mason - Classic Salt & Pepper Mill Set

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A traditionally shaped mill set instantly adds style to any dining table while remaining an invaluable every day kitchen tool. The hard wearing qualities of the mechanism ensure you will always receive a consistently outstanding performance. This set features sharp ceramic mechanisms for an accurate grind, ensuring maximum flavor release from every turn.

Easily refill your mills by simply unscrewing the knob on top and remove along with the nickel top. Fill up with your favorite salt and pepper, replace the tops and continue enjoying expertly seasoned food. Adjust the grind by tightening or loosening the knob on top. Use a coarse setting for steaks or tomato salad, a medium setting for pizzas and a fine setting for soups and sauces.

Set of 2, each 6.5" H x 2.36" Diameter

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