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Cape Diablo - Beaded Cuff Bracelet, Oceanic Turquoise

Cape Diablo - Beaded Cuff Bracelet, Oceanic Turquoise

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Turquoise is a protective and stabilizing stone that helps enhance communication and intuition. It is used to balance the chakras, aid in meditation, and bring inner calmness. Wear this gorgeous stone to enhance creative vision and predictive powers.

  • Materials: African Turquoise & Zinc Alloy
  • 6.9" Diameter with 3 Adjustable closures for the perfect fit
  • Due to the natural materials, each one will vary

Handmade with love by artisan moms working from home, Cape Diablo Jewelry pieces are known for their high-quality craftsmanship and unique materials which are carefully sourced from all around the globe.

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