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Bella Tunno - Bubbi Buddy, Elephant

Bella Tunno - Bubbi Buddy, Elephant

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With a soft grey plush friend to cuddle and a pacifier to soothe them, the Bubbi™ Buddy is the ultimate lovey. This sweet and oh-so-soft lovey has knotted ends, a darling elephant face, and a grey pacifier printed with "little peanut" around the rim. Designed to keep the pacifier close and clean, but the elastic loop is universal and can attach teethers, links, or a different pacifier.

The pacifier has a one piece design that is the lightest weight in its class, designed with a parent-bonding nipple, and a dedicated Buddy attachment hole, to leave the breathing holes for breathing. It’s made of soft, food grade silicone and will keep babies comfortable, happy, and calm.

  • Sized for easy grasp and soft cuddling
  • Soft polyester faux fur with embroidered details
  • Helps babies learn to self soothe
  • Non toxic, food grade silicone pacifier
  • Plush buddy can be machine washed and air dried
  • Pacifier is dishwasher and sterilizer safe
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