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Baltique - Marrakesh Collection Spatula

Baltique - Marrakesh Collection Spatula

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Add a splash of warming color to your kitchen with this eye-catching utensil masterfully crafted from layers of colored birch wood to create a gorgeous color array. The Marrakesh Collection, inspired by the bright colorful marketplaces of Morocco, features a rainbow blend of red, green, orange, blue and natural wood colors.

This brightly colored spatula is great as both a functional spatula for stirring and flipping food as well as for serving guests and is safe for use on nonstick coatings!

Hand wash and dry. Pair the slotted spatula with the other utensils in the Marrakesh Collection for a bright bouquet of color in your kitchen!

  • 3" W x 12.5" L
  • Each one will vary slightly in colors and patterns
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