Vanilla Berry Baskets Using NordicWare Shortcake Baskets

Don't you just love a specialty pan that is so versatile you can use it multiple times a year? Xandra is showing us just how useful the NordicWare Shortcake Basket pan can be for each season. These Vanilla Berry Baskets can be made anytime but they are especially delightful with fresh in-season berries on top.

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vanilla berry baskets topped with chocpped strawberries and blueberries

For the cakes:

-Use your favorite cake recipe or boxed mix. For the vanilla berry baskets, Xandra used her fave pound cake recipe. Prep & bake in the NordicWare Shortcake Baskets pan according to the instructions on the packaging.

-Xandra suggests wiping clean the strawberries with a damp cloth. Do not submerge strawberries in water-they tend to absorb too much water this way. Wiping them off with a damp cloth will suffice. Wash blueberries and allow to dry.

For the pastry cream:

-Prepare your favorite pastry cream. We love Ina Garten's recipe but use Xandra's tip- add vanilla bean paste instead of extract. Your taste buds will be blown away!

Tools for Making Vanilla Berry Baskets

The NordicWare Shortcake Baskets Pan is so versatile, it can be used throughout the year for each holiday. 

A scale to weigh ingredients is more accurate, efficient, and cleaner when cooking and baking.

We like to use baking pans to prep our recipes. It's so easy to transport from the counter to the fridge or oven.

Parchment paper makes cleanup a cinch as does this tool for the intricacies of the basket pan.

More Ways to Use the NordicWare Shortcake Baskets Pan

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Use this fun basket shaped baking pan for holiday baking. Xandra made Chocolate Covered Strawberry Baskets for Valentine's Day. Get creative in the kitchen!

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