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What is a Family? by Cassandra Hames

What is a Family? by Cassandra Hames

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Nothing is more precious than a family, and our families all come in different shapes, sizes, and kinds. What is it that makes a family? Do they help you explore the world? Do they cheer you on? Are they there when you're scared as well as happy? Can friends be family? Big and small, anywhere there's love, there's family! Sweet animal characters are used in place of people, to be any race, gender, or age. 

  • "There's kindness, friends, and laughter, too!"
  • 10 board pages are just right for even the littlest “readers”
  • Beautiful and engaging illustrations
  • Soft rhyming text is easy to read aloud
  • A keepsake for generations
  • 7" W x 8" H
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