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Get It Right - Ultimate Flip

The Premium Silicone Pro Flipper / Turner is supersized for the biggest culinary adventures. Ideal for professional kitchens or serious home cooks. It's thin enough to slide under a pancake and strong enough to lift a porterhouse. The solid silicone blade and handle prevent damage and won't scratch delicate cookware. This heavy-duty platinum silicone is heat resistant up to 550°F so it will not discolor, warp, melt, or chip. Our proprietary fiberglass core provides better heat resistance and longer life than cheap iron and stainless steel cores, which heat up the handle and degrade silicone quality. The unibody design is super hygienic - no holes or seams for food/oils to get caught in, so no place for bacteria to grow. Dishwasher safe on any rack or extremely easy to clean by hand.