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This Book Is Anti-Racist Journal by Tiffany Jewell

This Book Is Anti-Racist Journal by Tiffany Jewell

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In this journal companion to the Anti-Racist Book, understand your anti-racist self and dive further into the work. Within the vibrantly illustrated pages, you will find some familiar information along with new reflections and prompts to go deeper. This anti-racist toolkit gives you space to learn and grow through activities centered around identity, history, family, your universe, disruption, self-care, ;privilege, art, expression, and much more.

  • Create a map of you by drawing, collaging, sticking, and painting your many and favorite social and personal identities.
  • Discover how diverse your universe is by writing down the races and ethnicities of the people in your life.
  • Write a letter to your future self to share your dreams and how you are growing into your anti-racism.
  • Make a plan and be ready for scenarios when you are confronted by racist comments, actions, and policies.
  • Brainstorm your anti-racist vision of what our communities will look like without racism and how we can get there.

“Continue to stay awake, start taking action, and always lean into the work of disrupting racism. Together, we can abolish the system that continues to misuse and abuse power and collectively work for anti-racism.” Tiffany Jewell

Paperback: 8.5" x 5.5" 96 Pages

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