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The Unemployed Philosophers Guild - Before the Kiss Peppermints

Anyone who's ever been in love knows that kissing is an art form. It requires technique, sensitivity, and the ability to improvise when necessary. Like other art forms, kissing also requires preparation. If you just dive in without doing the necessary groundwork you're simply asking for trouble. And that's where Before The Kiss Peppermints come into the picture. These amazingly effective mints help prepare you for some serious smooching. As soon as you suspect the "game is on," pop one or two into your mouth and let these little wonders work their magic. In mere seconds, your breath will feel as crisp and fresh as a frosted pine needle in a snow-covered forest. (analogy fans, please hold your applause) Before The Kiss Peppermints come packaged in a reusable tin, beautifully decorated with Klimt’s masterpiece "The Kiss." Mwah!