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Fox Run Brands - Swift Sift

The Fox Run Swift Sift (say that 3 times fast!) is both self-contained and self-enclosed, with a whole lot of other great features! First, it has 2 containers: the upper container, into which you put the ingredients to be sifted, and the lower container into which you deposit the sifted ingredients. These two containers screw together, so there are no undisciplined flying ingredients to be lost. Since baking often is such a precise process, losing some of the carefully measured dry ingredients could be very problematic. The Swift Sift also has a lid that fits on both the upper and the lower containers, so you can put it on the upper container while you’re sifting to keep ingredients from flying out and on the lower container if you’re not using the sifted ingredients immediately. The two parts also stack very compactly for storage. Measures up to 3 Cups of Flour. Dishwasher safe.