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STMT - Make Your Own Jewelry Dish

STMT - Make Your Own Jewelry Dish

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Discover the magic of resin art and hold your favorite accessories in style with this fun DIY jewelry dish! This set has everything you need to learn how to work with craft resin and create a one-of-a-kind accessory you’ll cherish.

Unleash your inner artist as you mix & match metallic paints to add your unique touch to the crescent moon-shaped ceramic dish. With your choice of embellishments, like confetti and glitter shakers that keep you in control of how much you add, and a spatula to swirl the mixture, you can watch as your designs really come alive! 

Set Includes: 2 Bottles of Liquid Resin (1 fl. oz./30 mL Each), 1 Ceramic Moon-Shaped Trinket Dish (4.875 in. x 3.675 in.), 4 Metallic Paint Pots (Pink, Mint Green, Purple, Gold) 0.5 fl. oz./15 mL Each, 1 Paintbrush, 3 Bags Confetti (2 Heart-Shaped, 1 Star-Shaped), 4 Glitter Shakers (1 Gold, 1 Iridescent, 1 Purple, 1 Teal), 1 Pair of Protective Gloves, 1 Measuring Cup, 1 Spatula, Easy-to-Follow Instructions

Age Range: 14+

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