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Harold - Magic Orange Peeler (2 Pack)

HIC's Magic Orange Peelers safely and easily scores and removes the rind from citrus fruits with little effort. Its contoured designed easily glides around the fruit as the blade scores the rind. Peeling citrus couldn't be easier. No more broken nails! Safe and efficient for anyone to use without risk of injury. Compact enough to fit in a kitchen gadget drawer, purse, and in lunches to fix healthy snacks at home or on the go. Simply slip the Magic Orange Peeler onto a finger, just like a ring, with the contoured base against the rind. Turn the fruit and glide the Peeler around its circumference so that the blade scores the rind. Slip the square beveled end under the scored rind to lift it for easy peeling. Great for all types of oranges, including naval oranges, blood oranges, Mandarin oranges, and other citrus, like grapefruit, tangerines or tangelo, clementines, satsuma, honeybell, pomelo, and more. Made from plastic, HIC's Magic Orange Peelers are sturdy and durable, will never rust or need sharpening. Hand wash or dishwasher safe. Set includes 2 Magic Orange Peelers.