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LoveHandle - Phone Grip Design Club, Wildflowers

This pretty phone grip is designed by Alli Koch. She has created a name for herself using her unique drawing style and staple black and white color palette. As a visual artist and illustrator, Alli is on a mission to inspire others to create beautiful things!

Lovehandle phone grips give you a new handle on your mobile life.

Using a high-quality fabric strap, Lovehandle is comfortable to use while you grip, flip and capture that perfect selfie angle with just one finger. Its strong grip strength is thanks to our exclusive 3M adhesive strips, which will adhere to most cell phone cases or phones without leaving any residue.

You'll be amazed by how often you take advantage of the Lovehandle phone strap. Unlike expanding circles, LoveHandle is ultra-low profile and pocket-friendly.  Instead of having to "pop" or activate the handle, LoveHandle is always ready to easily slip your finger through and will gently grip YOU so you can relax.