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Harold - Stainless Steel Ice Tongs

HIC s Ice Tong easily picks up and delivers ice cubes for chill down pitchers of lemonade and iced teas, coffee drinks, mixed drinks, craft cocktails, and more. Its gently curved perforated grips hold ice cubes securely for easy transport. The spring action keeps tong open and at the ready between uses. Simply squeeze the Ice Tong to pick up the cube and release to deliver where needed. Perfect for all types of ice cubes, large or small, including cubes in whimsical shapes, reusable ice cubes, like whisky stones. Works equally well for serving sugar cubes. A helpful addition to flatware, drink accessories, and barware, and the perfect accompaniment for ice buckets. HIC s stainless steel Ice Tong is up to the task for everyday dining, holiday meals, parties, even outdoor entertaining. A tradition since 1965, HIC Serveware is made in Japan from stainless steel. It s sturdy and durable, resistant to rust, and dishwasher safe.