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Young Scientist Club - Nature Adventure Backpack

Strap in, then head on an epic adventure with this awesome adventure pack! Whether you’re creating an animal habitat, identifying insects, or playing the animal tracks memory game this hands-on STEM kit offers the ultimate scientific exploration and makes learning fun! 

Open up the reusable backpack and start walking in the shoes of a biologist as the interactive manual guides you through 14 activities. Get hands-on and discover the anatomy of bees and the pollination process, then build your own bee house! Unleash your inner entomologist and go on a nature scavenger hunt, then use your findings to create an animal habitat! Discover the ways you can make art with nature by creating colorful rubbings, pressing and preserving flowers, and more! Then, put your knowledge of nature to the test with an exciting animal tracks memory game!

Pack: 10" H x 5" D