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Harold - Corn Cob Butterer

HIC's Corn on the Cob Butterer safely butters hot corn on the cob without the mess. Proudly made in America, its contoured end hugs the curvature of corn so butter melts directly where it's needed. No more chasing hard butter or ears of corn around the plate! Its design is wide enough to span across larger, more substantial ears of sweet corn. Safely melt butter on hot corn without the risk of burnt fingers and messy hands or table. Simply insert a butter stick inside the tube and set curved end against the ear of corn to apply butter. Add salt and pepper, paprika and any other seasonings as desired. Place the sealing cap over the curved end to catch messy drips between uses. Useful gadgets and gizmos bring more enjoyment to everyday cooking and eating, family meals, parties, barbecues, outdoor dining, and entertaining. Made in America from FDA-approved and BPA-free plastic, HIC's Corn on the Cob Butterer is, sturdy, durable, compact for easy storage, and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.