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Camerons - Stainless Steel Multi Roaster Large

This stainless steel professional grade multi roaster is four cookware products in one, including an extra-large roaster! The bottom pan can be used for roasting or as a stock pot; the lid can be used as a sauté pan, lasagna pan, shallow roaster, or serving dish, and use the oval rack to hold the roast above fat, or as a cooling rack for baking.

Triply 18/10 high-quality stainless steel cleans easily and conducts an even heat distribution. All parts are dishwasher, oven, and induction cooktop safe!

Lid: 4 Quart, 2.5" H x 17" L x 11.5" W

Base: 11 Quart, 5.75 H x 17.75" L x 11.75" W

Overall: 8.25" H x 17.75" L x 11.75" W