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Blue Q - Men's Crew Socks, Whiskey

Blue Q - Men's Crew Socks, Whiskey

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Oaky. Smoky, Single malt. Double malt. Irish, Scotch, Canadian, Tennessee, Kentucky. Blah blah blah! Just hand me a glass and keep 'em coming. You know what? Just leave the bottle. Any of them is fine with me! That's why you need whiskey socks to show how you still rock.

This pair of socks is woven from soft, luxurious combed cotton for comfort, nylon for strength, and a little spandex for long-lasting fun.

Fits men's shoe size 7-12.

    And, 1% of the sale of Blue Q socks supports the humanitarian work of Doctors Without Borders. They're good people doing great things around the world.

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