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Fusionbrands - EggXact Peel

Now peeling boiled eggs is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with the new EggXactPeel. Whether you’re peeling one boiled egg or a dozen at time, this handy little tool will have you mastering a quick and easy egg shell removal technique…Crack, Peel and Remove. It’s C.P.R. for eggs!

It happens to the best of us, just when we think we mastered how to boil an egg for easy shell removal we still end up with annoying tiny shell fragments to remove piece by piece leaving us with a torn apart boiled egg.  Now you can rid yourself from this frustrating task with the use of the EggXactPeel.

With two special function ends you can make the perfect crack with the blade end then switch to the peeler end to help remove the stubborn shell.  The custom curve allows a slim fit under the membrane to easily release the shell.  You can use the blade end to crack both boiled eggs and raw eggs for a nice clean break--no more messy, unsanitary raw egg dripping down the side of a bowl or landing on your countertop.

EggXactPeel…is exactly the egg tool you’ve been waiting for.