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Bella Tunno - Wonder Bib, All Hail the Queen

Bella Tunno - Wonder Bib, All Hail the Queen

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The best silicone baby bib you'll ever use and it’s the only bib you'll need when your little one starts self-feeding. With a generous catch pocket, all the food that misses the mouth is ready for round two. The curvature of both the bib and the catch pocket keeps your baby and surrounding area clean. This awesome bib has even been used as a mobile snack pouch – it might not be the main function, but it’s a mighty wonderful one!

The neck closure adjusts to four different sizes extending the life of the bib as your child grows. We haven’t even mentioned the funny phases yet. Parenting is fun, we’re all in it together, let’s have a laugh!

  • Size 9" L x 10" W
  • Age 4 months+
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