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Ballarini - Parma Plus 3.9 Quart Sauté Pan

Ballarini - Parma Plus 3.9 Quart Sauté Pan

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Brown meat, sauté vegetables, and whip up sauces in this large, deep, and wide 3.9-quart sauté pan, featuring a handy glass lid that lets you keep an eye on food as it cooks. Helper handles make for easy maneuverability.

Thanks to its signature speckles, the superior BALLARINI Parma Plus line is a nonstick like no other. The Granitium nonstick coating is reinforced with revolutionary speckles and ceramic particles that ensure quick release and easy clean up. With a heart of stone, this ultra-durable Granitium coating boasts unsurpassed scratch resistance, making it safe for metal utensils. And the comfortable, soft grip handle offers a no-slip grip.

The patented Thermopoint technology signals when your pan is hot or cool, letting you know when it is time to cook or clean with its innovative light sensor. No more guessing games means more time can be spent on cooking. Parma Plus cookware heats up rapidly and evenly for superb cooking results each time. It is ovenproof up to 300°F/150°C and dishwasher safe.

  • 11" Diameter
  • 3.9-quart sauté pan is ideal for browning meat, sautéing vegetables, cooking sauces in large batches
  • Cold-forged pure aluminum body for superior heat retention and distribution, resulting in even cooking
  • 3 extra durable layers of GRANITIUM ceramic reinforced coating for quick release and fast cleanup
  • Ergonomic heat-insulating handle for a perfect grip
  • Ovenproof up to 300°F/150°C
  • Patented Thermopoint heat indicator for energy saving cooking and pan protection
  • Helper handles for easy maneuverability
  • Glass lid without rim for easy cleaning, dishwasher safe
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