Baby Shower Hostess Guide

The anticipation of a new little person or persons is exciting!   At The Kitchen Store & More, we want to help you host the perfect shower to celebrate.  For over 20 years, we have helped expecting moms and dads create the perfect space for their new addition and hostesses throw the best party.  Honoring that tradition & More, here are some of our favorite tips and tricks we've learned over the years.

Steps to Planning a Baby Shower

1. Pick a Date
Consult with the parent(s) to pick a date that works for them and fits the due date timeline.  We find most showers are typically a couple of months before the due date or adoption date.  Remember that babies often come a little early so adding time to your calendar is typically a good idea.  Also, remember to notify us each time a shower is scheduled so we can coordinate gift delivery and the baby display shelf.
2. Create a Guest List
Get a must-invite list from the mom or dad and work with them as you create the full party guest list.  Have the mom or dad double-check and approve the list before you send out invites.  We often find a parent, aunt, uncle or close family friend to be a huge help with the guest list.
3. Select a Theme
A classic baby theme is timeless, but we find many showers use the nursery theme or colors for a personal touch.  Sports, honey bees, future artist, pastels, or bright red and yellow?  A solid theme will help guide your planning decision for the rest of the process.
4. Choose a Location
We find that most hosts offer their home to hold a shower or at their church.  If this isn't an option, check with another guest or family member of the mom or dad for a potential space.  You can also choose a venue that reflects the theme you have chosen such as a gallery or local restaurant.
5. Send Invitations
Give guests as much notice as possible they'll be able to attend the shower and purchase gifts.  This should be done about four to six weeks before the shower date.  We love a classic mailed invitation, but many hosts are choosing online invitations for a quick and easy RSVP.  Remember to give us a shout once you have sent out your invitations so we can confirm shower details for gift delivery.
6. Plan the Menu
The food will depend on the shower's theme and time of day.  Hosting a brunch?  Perhaps an afternoon tea?  Need a cheeseball mix?  How about Almond Amaretto coffee?  We can help!  Whatever the menu, make sure it's something the mom or dad will like and include options for any dietary restrictions the guests note on their RSVPs.  
7. Plan Shower Decor
We LOVE decor!  Whether you've chosen a theme or not, think about what kinds of personal touches you can make for the expecting parent(s).  Add a touch of nursery color or greenery that coordinate with your serving pieces.  And make sure to ask us about our wide array of paper napkins.
8. Plan the Games and Activities
Games are a great way to break the ice when guests first arrive if they are not already acquainted with one another.  There are so many traditional shower games we love, but make sure you allow time for food, gathering, and gifts.
9. Create a Shower Playlist
A fun selection of music can help set the perfect tone especially as guests are arriving.  Ask the expecting parent(s) for some of their favorites to include to add a special touch.
Above all - Have fun!  This is a special time to celebrate.  Need more help?  Ask one of our baby registry consultants.