Soup-er Cozy Winter

There's something so comforting about a steaming bowl of hot soup on a chilly winter night. Whether your kitchen is already well-stocked or you're just starting out and need some helpful tips & tricks, we've got some tools every soup lover needs to get cozy and keep bellies fed and comforted. 

We get it. There's so little time between the work and school day. Spend that precious time loving on your family. Soup starters help get dinner made and on the table quicker. We've also got all the tools you need to make meal prep go faster so you can feed those hungry bellies and move on to the good stuff: hugs, snuggles, and all the pre-bedtime routines before doing it all over the next day.

collage of kitchen tools to make soup; upper left photo is a dutch oven filled with a pre-packaged Carmie's Kitchen soup package, a silicone ladle, and a crocheted pot holder. Middle right image is the ChopNStir tool inside the dutch oven pot. Bottom left image is a pom pom trivet.

Here's what you need for a Soup-er Cozy Winter night in: 

Chopware ChopStir | Ballarini Dutch Oven | Get It Right Ladle | Crochet Pot Holder
Carmie's Italian and Sausage Pasta Soup | French Onion Soup Mix

Omniware Soup Mug, Teal | Scattered Dot Trivet, Lagoon |
Scattered Dot Trivet, Nectar | French Onion Soup Bowl

Jalapeño Cheese Straws | Crushed Red Pepper Wicked Minis

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