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&More Kids Club

  • 2 min read

We are excited to introduce the &More Kids Club! 

&More Kids Club Logo

What is the &More Kids Club

Great question! Each month we will invite kids to The Kitchen Store for a fun activity; it might be a book reading, testing out new toys in the kid's department, or something along those lines. Each month will be designed for a specific age group and spots will be limited

Is There a Fee for the &More Kids Club?

Yes. There will be a small fee for the Kids Club. This fee covers the reservation AND something for the kids to take home with them. Parents may also receive a discount coupon for any of the products used during the Kids Club activities (to be used the same day).

How Long will the &More Kids Club Activities Last?

Our goal is for each activity to last 30 minutes or under. Adults are asked to stay in the building and are welcome to shop while the Kids Club is happening.

How Do I Sign Up for the &More Kids Club?

Reserve your child's spot as soon as possible. Each Kids Club activity will have limited spots available.

Call us at The Kitchen Store 501-327-2182 to reserve and pay. 

March Kids Club

March is National Reading Month and what better way to kick off the &More Kids Club than with a reading activity! 

national reading month graphic with the &more kids club log

When: March 8, 2022, 10 am.

Activity: We'll read Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton.

Age: 2-4 years old

Cost: $5 includes reservation and a copy of Barnyard Dance. Parents will also receive a discount coupon for that day.

Reserve: Call 501-327-2182 or reserve and checkout here

8 spots available

see you in the kids club logo