Garnish Ideas for a Bloody Mary Cocktail

 Elevate your Bloody Mary game with awesome garnishes.

garnishes for a bloody mary cocktail including cucumber slices, peppers, pickles, celery, bacon, dill pickles, and cubes of cheese along with a sample bottle of Bloody Darn Good bloody mary mix.

🥒 Pickles Galore: dill, spicy, bread and butter; the possibilities are endless.

🥓 Bacon Bliss: Crispy bacon strips are a perfect savory garnish for your Bloody Mary.

🧀 Cheesy Delight: Skewer cheese cubes or slide in a cheese stick for creamy and indulgent addition.

🌶️ Spicy kick: Spice things up with jalapeńos, banana peppers, or even pickled chili peppers.

🫑 Garden Freshness: Don't forget classic tomato slices, celery, and cucumber slices for a fresh garden taste.

Get creative! Mix-n-match garnishes to customize your Bloody Darn Good masterpiece

a Bloody Mary Cocktail with garnish of celery, bacon, dill pickle, and a skewer of olives, cheese, pickles.

We're thrilled to welcome Bloody Darn Good to The Kitchen Store Family! These delicious mixes come in four flavors:

OG - focuses on simple, high-quality ingredients that allow the flavors to shine. The sweet, rich flavor of San Marzano tomatoes provides a great base for our all-natural bloody Mary mixes, just like grandma used to make.

Dyl Pickle - With hints of celery juice, onion juice, and pickle brine; every sip is exciting and different.

Hot Mama - The flavor of ghost pepper insures that this smoking hot bloody mary mix will appeal to the confident and adventerous. It packs a perfect punch that will leave you coming back for more.

Morning Light - boost your daily intake of Vitamin C. Soft and sweet like the sunrise, this citrusy twist on a bloody Mary was inspired by Mexican sangria. This mix is excellent with tequila!

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