Care Packages for College Students or Anyone, Really!

Whether your college student has recently left home for the first time to attend college or they are returning for the second, third, or fourth year, you may be feeling emotional and maybe a little sentimental, too. Or, you feel excited and hopeful for their future. Maybe you feel both. Both sets of emotions are okay and even appropriate and expected. 

A fun way to filter those feelings is to put together a fun care package from home. After the initial excitement of leaving the nest and flying free has worn off a little, students may start feeling overwhelmed or homesick just a bit. A care package for college students is the perfect opportunity to send a little love and reminders from home. Really, a care package is perfect for sending to anyone! 

What to Include in a Care Package for College Students

We've asked our super helpful &More staffers Britt and Rebecca to help us put together a couple of fun packages. You can mix and match items depending on the likes and tastes of your recipient.

The Study Buddy Care Package 

multiple items for a study buddy care package for college students. contents include a plush stuffed animal, body lotion, journals, wax melter, food items

1. Something from home. 

Does your recipient have a favorite homemade treat like cookies or something else that can be packed and shipped easily? Remember to send a whole batch so your student can share with roommates and friends in their dorm.

Reusable packaging like our RSVP Stand-N-Seal bags are great for packing up cookies or other small baked goods like homemade granola. These eco-friendly bags will keep food fresh in the fridge, freezer, or the pantry and can be reused over and over. 

RSVP reusable, resealable bags for food and more

If cooking or baking isn't your thing maybe tea or soup-for-one is? A pack of Honey Straws is perfect for single serve tea!

2 cup teal teapot individual packets of Chamomile Lemon Herbal Tea 
A package of soup-for-one and a soup & cracker bowl are perfect for a cozy night in. Robbi's Salsa is also a fun gift to send with a bag of your recipient's fave tortilla chips. Don't forget some Truth Sauce Seasoning!
Wind & Willow Potato Soup for OneSoup and Cracker Stoneware bowl


2. Down time study buddies

We don't think anyone is ever too old to have a plush study buddy. This adorable plush Squishable Mini Pineapple is great for hugging. 


Squishable Mini Pineapple

Journals and activity books for those times when students are unwinding. 

3. Self Care for College Students or Anyone!

Since candles are not permitted in most dorm rooms, a wax warmer is a great aromatherapy option. 

Swan Creek Electric Wax Warmer at The Kitchen Store in Conway ArkansasLavender and Lemongrass Herbal Wax Melt

 4. Gentle Reminders

Everyone could use a gentle reminder of how awesome and wonderfully made they are. Notes to Self socks are a comforting gentle reminder to one's self and they make thoughtful gifts for anyone.

Notes to Self Perfectly Me Socks

Adulting Care Package Ideas

Adulting Care Package containing books, stickers, coffee mug, socks, and packaged soup

5. Practical Gifts

Let's face it. Sometimes things get smelly-college kids are too busy studying and going to class to do laundry, right? And then there's that issue of a shared bathroom. Yea....

Dorm Defunker and Poo-Pouri to the rescue. 

Dorm Defunker Room Spraypoo-pourri honey poo scent spray at the kitchen store conway arkansas

6. Adulting Gifts

Stickers are fun and funny. Coffee mugs are always a great gift, too, and a 2-cup French Press makes a great cup of coffee. Knock Knock Sticky Notes for crappy note taking. 

Adulting stickersI can't adult today coffee mug

 7. Stress relief & down time

FinGear magnetic rings provide stress relief during hectic college semesters and U Boost Speakers use bluetooth technology to broadcast your student's music library if they're into listening to music in their free time or while they study. 

u boost speaker at the kitchen store and more


It is such a joy to put together baskets and packages. We'd love to assist you in picking out the perfect items & more!

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